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 The features of our products: High quality, prompt turnaround time, economical pricing, and excellent customer service.
Welcome to our website for domestic and overseas inquires and please contact us for further information.Why do buyers in Europe and North America source from? Because along with our already comprehensive selection, we can custom-design connector and cables tailored to your price requirements. We also offer fixed pricing and other value-added services hard to find elsewhere.We know turnaround time is important, so we deliver in 10 days or less, and finish samples in as fast as three. See our full line of products online, or contact us today.
Our products includes:
Connectors: D-sub, Din. USB, Centronic, BNC, IDC, SCSI, Etc.
Cable and adapter: Power, Internal flat, Audio, Phone, USB, IEEE 1394, SCSI. D-sub, Etc.
Computer screw and nuts.
D-sub plastic and metal hoods for connectors